Think Virtual Therapy is not for you? 5 top reasons why it might be.

A good friend of mine recently told me “The idea of pouring my heart out over a screen is not even remotely appealing to me.” As a therapist specialized in virtual therapy and owner of a virtual clinic this got me thinking. Could this be a barrier for people getting help? Virtual therapy can be an incredibly healing and therapeutic process. From my experience doing Virtual Therapy, it is just as effective as in person as long as the therapist is skilled at providing the services. Here are the top 5 reasons you should reconsider virtual therapy.

  1. Convenience. This is the number one reason most of my clients access services virtually. It can easily be scheduled on your lunch break, after kids go to bed, or Saturday morning before the house gets loud (with a hot coffee!).
  2. NO COMMUTING! This is a huge benefit. Depending on where your therapist is, this can add a significant amount of time to your therapy. With virtual therapy it only takes as long as accessing your phone or computer. The good news is virtual therapists are equally trained and just as highly skilled as in person therapists.
  3. It’s safe and secure. With the use of specialized software and training, the therapist can ensure confidentiality that meets professional and provincial requirements. But please use head phones!
  4. Comfort. With the ability of doing therapy from your own home, you can wear your comfy clothes, have a cup of your favourite tea and have the comforts you need close by.
  5. Relationship. With the right skills and training, a virtual therapist can develop relationships and trust just as effectively as an in person therapist.

The Talk Room is specialized in offering virtual services. As a full service therapy clinic we can help you through life’s greatest challenges with convenience and comfort.

Real support. Real life. The Talk Room. 403-875-0823

Of course as with all therapy it is important to talk with the therapist to ensure that it is a right fit for you. Not all clients are appropriate for this services and can be referred to appropriate services as needed.

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