Parent Coaching and life transitions

Parenting Children with ADHD/ADD

Parenting a child with ADHD/ADD or behavioural challenges can be incredibly isolating and scary. Parents struggle to know how to handle aggressive outbursts, social challenges at school and relationship stressors that occur as a result of the behaviours. Parents can often feel embarrassed about the behaviours and isolate themselves to avoid judgement. The Talk Room offers a safe professional support service to parents who are feeling alone, scared and worry about the future.

The Talk Room can explore resources, financial aides available as well as provide therapeutic support. Parenting a child with disabilities can lead to feelings of loss, grief and fear. With support from The Talk Room I can help to reduce these feelings and be an additional layer of support during difficult times.

Dealing with Death

As a parent dealing with the death of a loved one, family pet or school mate can be daunting and scary. Not knowing what to say and a fear of “wrecking” our child can lead to avoidance and increased anxiety for parents.

With parent coaching on dealing with death we will explore ways to support your children and communicate an anticipated death as well as respond to an unexpected death.

Each child and family is different. With a consult from The Talk Room you will receive a unique communication plan based on assessment of your specific family needs and values.

Don’t do this alone. The Talk Room is here to help. Call Me 403-875-0823.

Dealing with Divorce

Deciding to divorce and living with divorce is one of life’s most difficult experiences. Parenting children through divorce can be a daunting task; especially if there are relationship dynamics with parents. With additional training in families The Talk Room is able to support you through divorce. Whether you have a young family or you are later in life and going through divorce we can help.

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