Women’s Health Services

Traumatic Birth

Have you experienced a traumatic birth? Do you find your self worrying or feeling distressed about your birth experience? Are you currently pregnant after a traumatic birth? Are you awake at night worrying about your pregnancy? Having vivid memories about your birth experience?

Having a traumatic birth can be very distressing and leave moms and families feeling very alone and isloated.

The Talk Room offers specialized therapeutic services for women facing these challenges. With specialized training and experiences in Women’s Health The Talk Room is equipped to support you through your difficult times.

The Talk Room offers a safe, non-judgemental space to work through these experiences to lessen your distress and feel more engaged with the world around you.

The Talk Room’s Virtual Clinic platform allows you to access support from the comfort of you home anywhere in Alberta!

For more information or questions please call 403-875-0823.

NICU Admission

For many women and their families an admission to NICU can be extremely distressing. Trying to juggle NICU visits with balancing the needs of your home can leave parents feeling isolated and confused. Watching your infant receive NICU care can be incredibly reassuring; however, it can also leave us worried about taking our baby home, coming off monitors and uncertainties about what the future holds. With both personal and professional experience in NICU admissions The Talk Room can help you reduce your distress and explore better coping strategies to face your stressors.


For parents of multiples, you have very unique needs. Often you have experienced a NICU admission as well as the challenges of navigating different discharge dates and health complexities. Learning to care for more than one baby at time is an very overwhelming experience and I am here to help. With a passion for parenting multiples the The Talk Room is equipped to help you better manage the stressors of parenting more than one infant.

Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

Experiencing infertility creates a great amount of stress on couples and families and in some cases, it can lead to relationship breakdown. It represents grief and loss, unexpected financial burdens, and increased anxiety. With expertise in this area The Talk Room can help guide you though the difficult feelings you are experiencing.

Pregnancy Loss requires a specialized knowledge and professional education. The Talk Room is here to help you navigate the difficult grief that comes with Pregnancy loss. You are not alone.

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